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It’s not much of a list, but this is, without equivocation, at the top.Β  Thank you, Nike.



Here’s a story I wrote while killing time before practice. Yes I write stories like this in my off time. The form should be different, but this is how it pasted on Tumblr. Enjoy?

"Tell me again that this is what life was about! Call her on that phone of yours and you tell her damn straight that this is what we made vows for! Love?! Our children?! Her parents?! This is what I vowed forever to?!"
Neil hurled his sunglasses across the hallway in frustration. The veins in his arm pulsated as his left bicep tensed up even further. His face was flush red and a single artery wrapped around his thick neck like a vine around a tree stump. Some would call Neil’s physique brutish, much akin to a gladiator or lumberjack. She used to call him her Jolly Green Giant.
She being monique.
“PhuuuUucK tHaught WhooOree Mark, fucK her!” The smell of Jameson paired alongside each slur. Mark stood their frozen, unsure on what he should say or do. What do you say to someone who’s whole world had been turned upside down? This all happening at 4am along the steps to his humble Oakland apartment.
“Yo, yo. Neil, chill. You got to calm down and come inside brotha. You know it’s not safe in these streets, especially at this hour.”
Mark fumbled with the millions of keys to his small studio. The first order of business moving in was to install at least three newer locks. The area was known for it’s rampant burglaries, so the rent was right up his alley. What did he expect when getting into his profession? Everyone warned him that social work wouldn’t pay well.
“Here, drink this so you don’t get a hangover tomorrow.”
“Tastes like piss.”
“It’s ginseng tea asshole.”
“So… You like drinking piss when you have a hangover?”
Mark rolled his eyes as he laid out a furry comforter over his mustard yellow couch. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. Neil and Monique often went at it over some of her or his bullshit. Generally it was Neil’s bullshit, but Mark always withheld judgement until Neil hit sobriety. The guy hits like a tank, as Mark learned the first time he ever showed up.
“Hey Neil, you remember the first time you came over here and decked me right in the eye?”
“Yeah bro, I think you blacked out for a few minutes.”
They shared a hearty laugh. Neil punched Mark on the shoulder playfully. It would bruise later. The slurring was gone though. Mark’s perfect opportunity.
“So you told her right? That you tested positive?”
The room fell silent and all time stood still.

Neil’s eyes pierced the floor, seemingly burning himself an escape route somewhere. Neil would rather be anywhere, anywhere away from his own body; His own skin; His own cells that couldn’t replicate themselves correctly.

Neil’s lips pursed, a breathe escaped his windpipe, and he finally replied.

The reality between them was shattered that day. A reality where all things ended well. The one where all dreams and prayers were answered through the sanctity of marriage and love.

That day a piece of each man died. Floating away hoping to live on through a remembered memory or fleeting dream.

Neil passed weeks later. His body stumbling through a tight noose hung up on the chandelier in Mark’s rundown apartment.

That day there was no crying or yelling. There were no jokes or thrown punches. The only thing visible were their collective dreams and memories slowly floating away, never to be heard from again.

I went on a Tinder Date

Yes, I said it and openly admit to it. Even if this is such a taboo’d and often avoided topic in conversation, I openly share my experience. It was a good, random and exciting experience to say the least. It was rewarding being this spontaneous and overtly sociable, and I’ll indefinitely carry what I’ve learned back to the Bay Area.

This entire conference/mini-vacation has actually revealed much. I am great socially when I open up to the world, as I delightfully recognized while interacting with colleagues, higher ups, and strangers this past week.

A few months ago I would have never dreamed of messaging that girl back on Tinder, but my mentality has been shaped these past few months. Between the mind altering bachelors party I was apart of, to meeting some insightful new personalities, I’ve come to alter the way I look at human interaction.

Why not take a chance on making new friends? Or better yet, why not take a chance on hearing another persons story? What they’re about? Meeting up and having insightful and meaningful conversation with this random Tinder chick opened up my mind to the infinite possibilities of interaction.

I shouldn’t objectify meeting a women or anyone for my own personal gain. I should come into the experience with an open mind and heart to be enriched by who they are. Whether they like, dislike, or simply want friendship from me shouldn’t be the motivating end game. I’ve enjoyed my various social interactions the last few months simply by taking each person and valuing their stories. Valuing what they have to say, and running with that.

Although I’m sure the date ultimately won’t result in anything (Although I got her number and we talked about her visiting SF next month; which I highly doubt will happen), it was an experience that enriched me.

I hope to expand this mentality further and have fun along the way. Here’s to more adventures and amazing experiences!

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